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For the first time the unique world practice of portfolio review, i.e. reviewing photographs by a group of experts, was organized and hosted in Belarus. Nine Byelorussian and foreign specialists in the area of visual arts made up a group of ‘personal consultants’ for those who are planning to continue their education and artistic work in photography. The event took place in the Labyrinth Gallery of the Byelorussian National Library.

Demonstration of a personal portfolio of works and its discussion with every of the chosen experts was frameworked within a twenty-minute session. Every participant showed their works to five experts to get a broader and many-sided feedback on their photographs.

The expert group make-up:

•  Mikhail Pedan – photographer, art director of the «Kulturama Foto» school (Stockholm, Sweden)
•  Liv Shtolz – «CFF»  curator (Stockholm, Sweden)
•  Igor Moukhin – photographer (Moscow, Russia)
•  Igor Savchenko – photographer (Minsk, Belarus)
•  Mitro Kaurinkoski – head of the «Hippolyte» Gallery (Helsinki, Finland)
•  Sergey Krishtopovich – artist, head of the Arts Palace (Minsk, Belarus)
•  Mindaugas Kavalauskas – director of the festival of photography «Kaunas Photo» (Kaunas, Lithuania)
•  Dmirty Sursky – designer, editor-in-chief of the «Pro Design» magazine (Minsk, Belarus)
•  Dmitry Korol – photography critic, curator of photography exhibitions in the «NOVA» (Минск, Беларусь) Gallery (Minsk, Belarus)

The portfolio review event was initiated by the Center of Photography in Minsk with support of the Embassy of Sweden in the Republic of Belarus, the Swedish Institute, and the National Library of the Republic of Belarus.

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