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MARCH 2009

The project “School of Photography” is developing a new direction, that of a wedding photography school. There has been worked out a unique program of module education and training for photographers aiming at successful work at different stages of their development in the wedding photography business.

Minsk school of wedding photography is committed to create a new approach to wedding photography. Being in the midst of the incessant opposition of opinions about wedding photography, of attitudes to it as business or art, we are forming our own independent position. Viewing photography in its broader sense as an indivisible whole, where various tools may spring up and vanish, we prefer to move beyond the unproductive discussions and take active action. We would like our students to follow our move and form their genuine position, i.e. a position of an author in wedding photography, an author of their own way of development, an author of photography with new qualities. We make wedding photography an effective tool of a creative photographer on the way to commercial success.

Read further information on the School of Photography site.