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A widely –known Moscow photographer-documentarian Igor Moukhin has come to Minsk to hold a seminar. Among the main topics discussed at the seminar were genre photography, street-photography, genre specifics, and street-photography as documentation.

Igor Moukhin is one of the brightest Russian contemporary photographers, the author of projects devoted to Russian monumental propaganda and to the youth of the 80s-2000, grant holder of the Mayor’s office of Paris. Series of his works were exhibited at Moscow “Fotobiennale”, Month of Photography in Paris, Festival of Photography in the Netherlands and other events. Igor Moukhin started out in the mid 80s and became the first of those few Russian photographers receiving a response from western art-establishments. The received acclaim of the west was first of all for demythologizing soviet reality and genuine reflection of those underlying determining processes the USSR was undergoing during the 90s of the 20th century. Going beyond the traditional photo reportage Moukhin establishes himself as the main documentarian of one of the most complicated and significant periods in the Russian history, that of perestroika and post-perestroika period of state formation, springing up of new Russian reality and new Russian mentality.

The seminar was organized by the project “School of Photography”