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JULY 2009

The Photopracticum will be held on July 1 - July 8 in Minsk and will be framed in the project of International School of Visual Communication.
During the practicum the participants and the supervisors of the working groups will find themselves under special conditions of Byelorussian visual environment, where they will create new space of communication, and to interact within it they will make use of photographic communication elements – “Visual Documents”.

The photopracticum “Visual Documents” is organized to pursue a study of forms of visual presentation of information through discovery of the potential of documentary nature of photography. The practical task we set is creating universal elements of intercultural communication, elements of visual utterances based on photography. The photopracticum will be held in five student groups, each creating their common project on the predefined topic.

•  "Street Photography". Igor Moukhin – photographer (Moscow, Russia)
•  "Subjective Documentary". Jens Olaf Lasthein – photographer (Stokholm, Sweden)
•  "Documentary Facts as Propaganda". Geertjan Cornelissen – photographer (Eindhoven, Netherlands)
•  "Documentary Essay". Bill Crandall – photographer (Washington DC, USA)
•  "Visualization of Facts". Vladimir Parfianok – photographer, "Nova" gallery curator ; (Minsk, Belarus)
•  "Documentary Design". Koen Geurts – designer, tutor of graphic design and concept (Visual Journalism) (Den Haag, Netherlands)

We believe that visual communication built on documentary facts, i.e. photographs, in combination with other means of idea description with visible images make out of a picture bearing information a wholesome and universal element of communication. Such visual documents become the basis for communication, go behind the limits of the stereotypical forms, create word-images, expand our understanding of facts, and generalize our view on things. This effect, in its turn, favors creation of genuine relationship both between people and between people and things, which is in essence the solution to the main objective of visual communication, i.e. reaching the state of mutual understanding and unity.

Practical activities of photopracticum will include taking pictures in Minsk as well as in Zaslavl, Racov, Zhodino, Logoisk, Borisov. Special focus will be made on shooting during the mass event of celebrating the Independence Day of the Republic of Belarus on July 3.

The photopracticum will report its results by a photographic exhibition unifying the projects created in working groups and by making up the photographic book “Visual Documents”.

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