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Proceeding with the questions What?, Where?, When?, which are mostly characteristic for the journalist approach, the web-almanac photoscope.by gives its preference to the questions Who? How? Why?
The web-almanac photoscope.by sticks to its main objective of scoping (from Greek skope? − to look at contemplate, observe) and further analysis of photographic events.
Among the noteworthy innovations of the web-almanac photoscope.by are the enlightening and educational character of its new rubrics united under a common information system aiming to accumulate and navigate various resources ranging from electronic articles to print publications, books, video and audio resources.
The underlying credo of the web-almanac photoscope.by focuses on the authors who write about contemporary world of photography (i.e. art critics, exhibition curators, art historians, and artists themselves not deprived of the ability to express their thoughts in writing) and who are not mere consumers of already existing visual images but creators of a genuine artistic product that helps the viewer discover behind the surface of a photographic image its hidden essence. As Franz Kafka says, "To use the lenses is not enough to reach it {the essence}. You can only reach it by touch…" And searching for the essence one can not do without the help of the word…