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International school
of visual communication

Visual communication is communication of ideas through the visual display of information. Primarily associated with two-dimensional images, it includes: photography, art, signs, typography, drawing fundamentals, colour and electronic resources.

We are focused on documentary nature and features of all images that provide a base to communicate visually with the audience. The idea of the school unites experts, researchers and students who work on developing the potential of a visual document over connection of different visual sources of idea description.

The non formal structure of educational methods provides a wide range of possibilities. We offer for ISVC participants to learn in the form of being an object of a learning process. They are creators of their own schedule, plan and form of a learning process. They become a photograph, we are giving them new connections to develop their potential.

Students can use different departments, title and form of activities. They can make their own schedule and research plan. The outcome result of the school is diploma research project that a student has to defend.

Documentary vision

Main topic of our research for the first years is documentary vision. We use visual documents as an objective reaction to the nature of facts, we visualize them in multidimensional space of visual sources of idea description. This approach gives the opportunity to discover a new way of efficient integration of different media that helps us find a strong and simple visual display of information, documentary objective element of communication.

In our work we find an inspiration in ideas of the early Soviet constructivists: photographers, designers, filmmakers. They also used visual documents for making idea propaganda and they used them efficiently. Finally soviet constructivists and documentarian find a very special image and structure of visual words. Revolutionary ideas in combination with the specific of our time and special Belorussian space make up a good base for inventors, ptovide good conditions to make a fresh image of the universal visual language.

Working with documentary we will unite special discipline to get the energy out of their reaction to each other. We do not mix them, we don’t melt their specific nature structure that makes it strong, but we make a solution of harmony within the structure unity. That makes the result stronger than if we used that disciplines separately. For the first reactions we use the following ingredients: photography, graphic design, visual journalism and data visualization.

MAY 2009 - ISVC LECTURE "Vitebsk’s roots of soviet avangard. Photomontages and new forms of art"

1 - 8 JULY 2009 - ISVC SUMMER PHOTOPRACTICUM "Visual Documents"